Finding Clothes

a woman out shopping holding up a shirt and smiling at it
When you are looking for clothes to sell at your consignment shop, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, the clothes need to be in good condition. Of course, clothes you sell in a secondhand store are not typically going to be in mint condition, but they can't be too worn out. Avoid holes, rips, and stains. Second, the clothes should probably be in style. If you want people to buy the clothes you are selling, they need to be clothes that people would actually wear.

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Pricing Clothes

a woman shopping in a large thrift store
Pricing clothing comes with a few considerations. First, evaluate what kind of condition the item is in. Then consider how in-style it is. Finally, look at the brand or the designer. If you are reselling some high-fashion pieces in your store, you can price them a little bit higher than the other clothes in your store.